Invitation to our Nation
One Hundredth Grey Cup welcomes federal support for a grand national cultural celebration in 2012

June 06, 2021


TORONTO – Organizers of the 100th Grey Cup in 2012 are welcoming news that today’s federal budget pledges significant support for a national celebration of a true Canadian cultural icon.

“Nothing brings Canadians together like the Grey Cup game and accompanying festival, and the occasion of the 100th Grey Cup game provides all Canadians with an opportunity to celebrate something that is distinctly and powerfully ours,” said Mark Cohon, Commissioner of the Canadian Football League.

“We are very grateful to the federal government for enabling us to stage a national celebration that will include a special Grey Cup tour that will touch Canadians across the country before culminating with  a tremendous festival in Toronto and the big game itself. ”

Chris Rudge, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the 100th  Grey Cup Festival in Toronto, thanked Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and his colleagues for recognizing that the Grey Cup is part of the cultural fabric of our country.

“The Grey Cup is more than Canada’s largest single sporting event. It’s also our biggest cultural festival, part of our history and heritage and something we all can rally around as Canadians,” said Rudge, former Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC).

“Our slogan is an Invitation to Our Nation because we plan to welcome Canadians from every part of the country, and in all their diversity. We will celebrate the great game of Canadian football, of course, but we want the 100th Grey Cup to transcend sport, much as the Vancouver Olympics lifted us all up as Canadians.”

Just last week, Rudge unveiled preliminary plans for a  bigger and broader Grey Cup festival in 2012, including a film festival, a family zone, a street festival and concerts, in addition to the traditional Grey Cup parties.

More details on the plan for the 100th Grey Cup Game, including unique pre-game and half-time entertainment, the 100th Grey Cup Festival in Toronto, and the national Grey Cup tour that will precede the festival, will be announced in the months ahead.

“We are looking forward to celebrating in an historic way the bond between the Grey Cup and Canadians, and the proud history and bright future they share,” Cohon said.

Fan Comments

Festival News

The 100th Grey Cup Festival Committee is thrilled to announce that during the first 12 hours of the 100-hour general public access window, Canadian football fans locked up more than 10,000 tickets to the big game!

Festival News

To celebrate the one-year countdown to the historic 100th Grey Cup championship, Toronto’s 100th Grey Cup Festival Committee will be offering an exclusive 100-hour nationwide general public access window to 100th Grey Cup tickets, beginning at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday, November 28.

Festival News

The 100th Grey Cup Festival Committee is pleased to announce ticket pricing for the historic November 25, 2021 game.  For a game that is more than a century in the making and will be in-demand across the country, Toronto Argonauts season ticket holders will be guaranteed access to tickets which range in price from $150 - $399.