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Plumbing is an art of installing pipes used to carry water, sewage and gas in a building and plumber toronto should be an expert who has the right tools and the best ideas to ensure your problem is solved completely. If you are looking for a plumber you need to associate yourself with a company that does the right job. Just like many other states, Toronto plumbers are well advanced in term of tools and ideas. There are several plumbing companies in Toronto that are ready to offer plumbing services anytime of the day. Hiring a plumber mainly depends on the urgency of the problem. You also need a plumber you can trust and rely on. Below are some factors to consider when finding a good plumber.

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One important factor you should never ignore is whether the company is insured and licensed. A genuine company should be licensed and insured before it starts operating. If something goes wrong in your compound or in your neighbour property the insurance company will be there to cover. Toronto plumbers are always issued with the right documents to ensure they perform their plumbing services professionally. Another factor to consider is the duration the plumbing company has been operating. A reliable and a good company with plumbing toronto will last for a long time while a dishonest company will fade very fast. A reliable company cares for its employees and therefore the employees will work for a long time in that company. This means the employees will have enough experience to solve any plumbing that may occur. Plumbing cost is another factor you cannot ignore. Some companies charge depending on the work while others have a flat rate on various jobs. Even though a cheap company is not always the best, the cost should be reasonable. Another factor you may consider is the size of the company. A small company may be cheaper because its overheads are lower than those of a big company. However, a small company may have untested employees compared to a big company with many experts who have the tools for the job.

There are different ways of finding a good plumber. The best and the most used method is the word of mouth. Through a referral, you can get a trustworthy and a reliable plumbing company in Toronto very fast. Relatives, neighbours and friends are the right people to trust for a good recommendation. These people can help you a lot in case of an emergency. Another way of getting a good plumber is going online. Many Toronto plumbers have websites that explain their job and their charges. It is also through the website where can view customer testimonials that tells more about the company. Going online, you can also see various plumbing companies around Toronto. Remember, companies that are located near your home will respond fast in case of an emergency. It is also through the website where you can learn whether a company works on weekends, on holidays and at night. Look for a company that works 24/7 since a problem can happen any time.

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Argonauts beat Stampeders for the 2012 Grey Cup!

The Toronto Argonauts capped off a great football season in 2012, with a crushing Grey Cup victory. The Argos faced off against the Stampeders at the Roger’s Centre in Toronto amidst thousands of blue and white fans cheering on the home team. A tight defense was played by both teams, as interceptions only happened on few occasions. Wide receiver Chad Owens traversed the field throughout the first half of the game, leading the team in yards. The game finished for him after the 3rd quarter when he tore a ligament in his calf, while being tackled by the opposing team’s linebacker. He managed 1 touchdown before injury.

Calgary was led by quarterback Drew Tate who threw 10,000 yards for the season. In the 2nd quarter Tate threw an incomplete pass that then gave possession to Toronto, who converted for a field goal. Calgary coach Hufnagel was fuming and challenged the kick arguing the punter crossed the line of scrimmage, but  referees  did not rule in his favour.

By half time the Argos will well positioned in the Stampeder’s end zone, but couldn’t manage to throw a touch down pass or run into the end zone. They opted for a field goal, putting them ahead by 9 points when the clock ran out.

The Argos pulled ahead in the final quarter,  with  quarterback Ricky Ray  throwing two consecutive touchdown passes that sealed the team’s fate as the 2012 Grey Cup  winners.   Up until that point in the game it was neck and neck with  the occasional play that caught fans off guard. Toronto fans were loud and rowdy with reported beer sales of $500,000 , they were ready to cheer for their team.

The best part of the game was the celebration with Toronto Argonauts team and family members rushing the field to celebrate the win. The game was televised nationally and Canadians, or perhaps Torontonians celebrated in pubs and homes across Ontario.