Fractured Chest For Calgary Wide Receiver

breast augmentation torontoCalgary Stampeder’s wide receiver Bill took a shot straight to the chest, cracking his sternum. He was rushed to hopsital where he received a breast augmentation toronto, and is expected to recover for the playoffs. Bill was running for the endzone, when he was crushed between two defenceman. Medics rushed the field as the wide receiver collapsed on the ground. Reports state that his major and minor pectoralis muscled tore, requiring breast augmentation in Toronto as the popping out his pectoralis major and minor ripped out large portions of the musculature in chest area.

Check out the youtube video for some in depth detailed shots of the injury itself. You can see as the opposing linebacker takes him out, there is a massive impact on his chest cavity. Also watch out for the second tackle’s foot!

Check the youtube replay for the finer details of this injury. Bill was first sacked from the front lower part of his body, and then took a hit from behind sending him chest first into the ground. This is why he needed a breast augmentation toronto surgeon to pull together the excess fat and loose tendons from the trauma. Calgary team mate Chuck was close by to the hit, and said that Bill was moving pretty fast and took a hard hit. He wished his team mate well and thinks Bill will be back in action soon.

The pectoral girdle sits on top of the chest cavity and ribs, protecting the organs that enable the body to function with regularity. Interruption to these functions through plastic surgery can have serious health ramifications. As well the pectoral girdle connects the pectoralis muscles to the shoulder muscles, in particular to the following muscles: latisimus dorsi, brachialis, supraspinatus, and subscapularis. Full range of motion is disrupted by injuries to any of those muscles.

For the Stampeder’s wide receiver, his tendons ruptured cause tears in pectoralis muscles, which made small tears in the brachialis, latisimus dorsi, and trapezius minor, major, as well as the teres minor and major. That means he isn’t going to be catching footballs for at least a few months. Plastic surgery doctors at a downtown toronto hospital estimated he will require three surgeries at different times during his recovery in order to full establish a full range of motion.

The coach is hoping he will get his player back in the game as soon as possible, but doesn’t want to rush a recovery. We will provide updates on the Stampeder’s injury list updates as they come in. Remember to come back and look for your favourite teams best injuries, updated daily, weekly, and monthly.